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Monique Hendriks (1971) previously wrote for a theater publisher and
educational institutes. Currently she writes articles for Paravisie, a Dutch
spiritual magazine, and in addition she writes books, fiction and non-fiction.
Her books are only available in the Dutch language.
About Monique...
Biblion (The Dutch Library Service) wrote the following about Monique's Dutch thriller "Heavy Metal Chick":

"The story keeps you in its clutches from beginning to end. The plot twist is surprising and exciting and leaves enough to the imagination of the reader. The story structure is subtle with a proper dose of tension throughout the story. It is described from an I-perspective which gives you the chance to empathize with the main character, and you can well feel her feelings. Hendriks (1971) uses a smooth writing style. An absolute must for lovers of the thriller genre."
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She has published five books:
(2017) - A psychological thriller titled "Contrast", a story that takes place in the South of France.
(2016) - "White Ladies" Monique enters in this book the field of parapsychology and shows you how fiction and reality sometimes intersect.
(2016) - 2th edition "The horror of animal hoarding", an indictment against compulsive animal collectors.
(2015) - thriller "Heavy Metal Chick" which the Dutch library service labeled as a must read for lovers of the thriller genre. Thrillerlezers.blogspot did reward the book with four stars. In 2017 the sequel to this story was published, "Heavy Metal Chick II", part two of this thriller.
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