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Some of the reviews of my Dutch books:
Book Reviews
Thriller "Heavy Metal Chick"
A story in which you want to read further. A book that lets you burn the potatoes. The end was also unexpected and complex. Not linear, but there were many side paths that made you spent thoughts and time on the wrong path. A thick 4 stars I give this book and the writer should be proud.
-Thrillerlezers.nl - The Dutch Thriller Readers Page

Parapsychology: "White Ladies; They appear. They haunt. They predict."
Informative book with a touch of fiction about white ghost ladies that can show their many forms. They are seen for centuries and often a link can be made between certain phenomena and events from the past. In short chapters, the author describes many aspects of it through experiences, myths and legends. Also stories of paranormal investigators are listed. An interesting book for ghost hunters, but also a book that can help people to think seriously about matters as supernatural phenomenons.
-Biblion - The Dutch Library Service

Non-Fiction: "The horror of animal hoarding "
The author examines morbid causes, possibilities of assistance and the lack of assistance by official bodies such as the judiciary and animal protection services. The book gives a good idea of what happens when people are going to collect animals in a sick way without being able to care for them adequately. With source references in endnotes.
-M.A.M. Bomhof, neurologist-psychiatrist.
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